Instructor Bio:

​Human Behavior Hacker | Lawyers Consultant | Science Trial Law | Reading Faces with Masks | Face Reading Profiler | Sales Trainer | Corporate Trainer | Some people hack computers, I hack humans. Imagine this… You can read people like a book; an open book revealed to you. Come to learn a SUPERPOWER. Susan has trained, consulted, and worked with people and fields such as: Journalist & Producers. Politicians & political campaigns. Law Enforcement-Realtors. Lawyers. Market Research. Insurance Fraud. Headhunters. Match Makers. Managers. Love life. Medical field professionals. Sales team. Job Seekers. Sperm Donor Selection. Couples compatibilities. Human Resources Professionals. Negotiation. Hospitality & Customer-oriented services.


Human Behavior Hacker


Instructor Bio:

I started working at the Human Behavior Lab in 2018. What about my academic background? I studied Hotel Management. These studies have given me the skills needed to be a good planner, be in touch with people and give an excellent service in everything that I am set to do. After this, I started my journey to become a Human Behavior Hacker. The first step was to learn to read faces. I got certified for Face Reading III. I moved on to Micro Expressions and got certified at Humintell. Here I received two more certifications; Micro Expression Master Level and Micro Expressions (Professional) Master Level.




These answers will help you know why and how this program is going to help you in a way no coaching program has helped before!

  • Why do you have different FACE READING PROFILING CLASSES?

    Because Face Reading Profiling is Universal, but how you need it, want it, and use is different, so to help you based on your needs [We asked you and did research for years], we have divided the classes onto: Basic Face Reading- Face Reading Profiling-PRO- Sales Relationships- Lawyers & Law- Dating & Love- Parent & Family relationship building. Besides Face Reading Profiling we added other Behavior Channels based on the topics and your feedback.

  • What other classes will you launch this year?

    This year we are launching: Sales, Relationships, Lawyers & Law, Dating & Love, and parent & and family for strong relationship building. Besides Face Reading Profiling we added other Behavior Channels based on the topics and your feedback. Do you have any other ideas for a class? Let us know =)

  • How do I know what classes are right for me?

    You can set a discovery call with us to go over your needs, goals, and the time you want to accomplish this. We have some UPGRADE PROGRAMS, meaning, you take the base program and if you move to another more advanced program, we can apply the initial payment, plus financing, plus the initial launch price for your new choice. Set your discovery call here.

  • What is your experience- in years-certifications.

    I personally have 33 years of experience as: Political consulting – 18 years- I travel around the world working on the backside of the campaigns. Helping with Body Language, the speeches, how to read the opponent, the strengths and shortcomings of our candidates and the opponents. For the last – 15 years -Training, teaching, and consulting with Lawyers, Sales Reps, and Managers on how to build a better team, relationships, winning, making more money, and selling whatever you are selling to anyone. Our team comes from different industries which gives us a better, broader, and deeper understanding of your needs and how we can help you. We have been trained in “ALL THE BEHAVIOR CHANNELS”, and now we can share it with you.

  • Will I be evaluated- each unit have quizzes- final exam- weekly homework

    YES, YES, YES & YES- You will have quizzes, final exam, homework, coaching groups, and group support based on the class you are taking.

  • Will I get a diploma?

    YES, you will have a Certification for each class you take, if you UPGRADE you will have a certification for each class.

  • Can I use it on my CV?

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, please do! Why? We have students getting raises, promotions, and finding new jobs “DREAM JOBS” based on the fact that NOW they can read anyone in 90 seconds.

  • Can I add it to LinkedIn?

    Yes, we strongly recommend doing this, we know it helps you.

  • What happens if I fall back on classes?

    Don’t worry, no problem, all the classes have access based on the option you choose, the minimum is 12 months, meaning you have 52 TO 104 weeks to go over your class as many times as you want- it is self-paced and you can review all units as many times as you want, as well the quizzes and homework & the coaching group will help you to keep on track.