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Course curriculum

What you will learn? Over 10 hours of learning

    1. Richard Harris- Intro & Workbook

    2. Susan Ibitz- Intro & Notebook

    3. Richard Harris-N.E.A.T. Selling

    4. Susan Ibitz - The power of Left & Right Brain

    5. Richard Harris - How Buying Decisions Are Made

    1. Susan Ibitz- Symmetry on the face

    2. How to Measure Symmetry

    3. Richard Harris- The Buyers’ and Sellers’ Journey

    4. Susan Ibitz - Face Zones- What they are

    5. Zone 1

    6. Zone 2

    7. Zone 3

    8. Zones - Practice and Summary

    9. Richard Harris- Respect Contract

    10. Susan Ibitz- Why Ears come first

    1. Richard Harris- Rule of Reciprocity

    2. Susan Ibitz - Big Ears

    3. Richard Harris - Pace and Tone

    4. Susan Ibitz- Small Ears

    5. Richard Harris - Discovery and Objection Handling

    1. Ears- High

    2. Richard Harris - Surface Pains and Core Pains

    3. Ears-Low

    4. Richard Harris- Open and Closed-Ended Questions

    5. Susan Ibitz - WARNING- Eyebrows- How your prospect process information

    1. Richard Harris- Multiple Choice Questions

    2. Susan Ibitz- Angled eyebrows

    3. Richard Harris - Question Behind The Question

    4. Susan Ibitz - Round eyebrows

    5. Richard Harris - Active Listening

About this course

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Bonus material

  • Facebook group - Webinars

  • Coaching class every month

  • Homework- Workbook

What our students are saying

“I have to shout out loud a BIG thank you! Saturday's class opened my eyes. You're a national treasure for us in sales!”

“If I had only known I could learn this before, my career pad would have been so different. NOW, wait for it, here I come. Thank you, best sales training, ever.”

“Thanks, Susan -You pushed me beyond my comfort zone this past weekend, and now I feel like a sales machine! You ROCK!!!! Xoxoxoxo”


What Richard Harris & Susan Ibitz will teach you in this program

  • Basic Face Reading Profiling to talk to your prospects, clients and co-workers the way they need to receive information

  • Teaching your team how to earn the right to ask questions

  • The Craft of Selling and Face Reading Profiling

What You'll Learn

Increase Revenue

Start getting better-qualified deals entering your pipeline as a result of this training and learn how to more accurately forecast and improve your closing ratios, and ensure fewer deals go dark, resulting in increased revenue.

Sharpen Skills

Get the courage, foundation, and tactical skills a salesperson uses day in and day out. For newbies, this leads to greater courage and confidence in their careers. For veterans, it provides deeper insights into what they do and helps to confirm their own best practices.


Sharpen Skills

Learn how to earn the right to ask the right questions, which questions to ask and when to ask them, discover core pains (not surface pains), how to confirm next steps, handle pricing and budget and negotiation conversations confidently, and go for the close.